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t: 009 Sound System

Buy "Number Two" on: eMusic, iTunes, AmazonMP3 Show more Uploader Comments (chicubs424) btw guys comparing battlefield 3 to modern warfare TWO is like comparing apples to rotten oranges

chicubs424 1 day ago 7 @ArbiterRyan that would be the bamf'iest thing ever.... I would stand up and applaude

chicubs424 2 days ago guys regardless of where they were shot... the were doused in gasoline and lit on fire.Idk what could happen, I heard a rumor that it was a double of ghost and he'll be back in mw3.All I know is that the rest of 141 will continue the fight, and i personally can't wait (buying hardened edition).

chicubs424 2 days ago Top Comments ghost does not die he is back in mw3 he got hit in the shoulder which probably knocked him out, and only roach got burned not ghost, roach probably started twitching or something and shephard wanted him to burn to death but since ghost was knocked out he thought he was dead so he didnt die

petpef 3 days ago 8 see all Video Responses This video is a response to Modern Warfare 2 - Shepherd's Betrayal HD Cut Scene

7:02 Mod Modern warfare 2 for pc by chicubs424 29,712 views see all All Comments (3,398) Reactions (23)

Your reaction? @chicubs424 just a quick question how much are the hardened and other editions for mw3?

Wa1k1nN1ghtmar3 4 minutes ago wierd :p

magget4life1 5 minutes ago @chicubs424 But what if I like potatoes?

rapingwalrus 14 minutes ago butthole

9TheColorfulNinja9 36 minutes ago modded health unlimited ammo??

Blueboardfilms 1 hour ago tactical MUTE INCOMING

kyromonster 1 hour ago @chicubs424 I bet the reason why Roach is headless because HE REALLY IS A ROACH!!!! (Roaches can have no heads)

turkeyballs3 1 hour ago Using noclip isn't a glitch.

tunacellis 3 hours ago he has extra arms sticking out of his back

BigBubbaWilson 4 hours ago lol he has no head, i can see why he is wounded

SladeForelly 5 hours ago View all Comments » 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next

1:06 Xbox Modded Controllers by RapidModzOnline Promoted Video 117,319 views

1:13 Modern Warfare 2 - How to save Roach and Ghost!... by simobgbgbg 598,925 views

2:04 MW2 ROACH'S FACE REVEALED by gameloon

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