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No. He fucks the combine every day

Unlikely. There is a picture of a child in Freeman's locker in the first Half-Life that seems to be his child which would mean the he has most likely had sex with a woman.

However, it is has been said that the child is probably not his, but perhaps a close relative of Freeman's, like a brother or cousin. Seems more likely. To me, at least.

Quite likely, in my opinion. The baby photo located in Freeman's locker in the beginning levels of Half Life could very well be presumably his own photo. Also, Gordon Freeman is depicted as having no spouse, girlfriend, or the like, and is a rather solitary character. Having a Ph.D in theoretical physics, one can see he had devoted most of his time to science and academics, rather than supporting or running a family. Also, the relationship hinted at with Alyx Vance clarifies that Gordon Freeman has no spouse or girlfriend. Thus, it is quite unlikely he has had sexual intercouse before, but one cannot be too sure. After all, he is full of surprises.

- Nomad 20:41, May 20, 2011 (UTC)

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