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possibly.... However depending on how long she was in Cryo Statis she could be way past the defeat of the combine or before the coming of Xen and the Combine....Or she infact could however this is most likely not going to happen

Well that one Valve guy back in 2008 said that Chell will play a very important roll with the other characters, although he didnt specifically mention Gordon.

Personally, I think yes. Considering the fact that the Combine chose locations in Europe for their MAIN CITIES, then there's a chance that there are areas that the Combine didn't touch, such as the Aperture Science wheat field area. Now, I think that the Combine might find her somehow, and try to kill her, but Chell would kick their asses and steal their gunships. Now how she would find Gordon Freeman...I don't know, but there would be a possibility of it. ~CDi-Fails

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