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Put simply, they are the police that patrol the streets of cities controlled by the Combine (during non-conflict periods). While they are armed with stunsticks (think a baton combined with a taser) and a pistol, they do not pack much power. Sometimes they will use sub-machine guns. They also control Combine APCS and patrol the canals to make sure no-one tries to escape through them. They are well known for being brutal, tempremental and easily provoked, clubbing citizens for even small offences and using firearms upon escape. Unlike Combine Soldiers, their bodies are not modified (memory replacement and the like), instead having willingly defected to the Combine in an attempt to gain better living conditions. While they are intimidating opponents, they can be dispatched with ease when confronted with sufficient firepower or brute force. JgcxCub 13:10, October 11, 2009 (UTC)

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