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Chell REDACTED (probably born sometime in the 1980's), is the main character of Portal and the single-player campaign of the game Portal 2. She is the daughter of a male Aperture Science (a United States-based scientific research corporation) employee, meaning that she attended Aperture Science's early 1990's Bring Your Daughter to Work Day science project event. She was about 8 at the time of BYDTWD. She made a potato battery-themed science project, like 39 other daughters of Aperture Science employees who also came to the BYDTWD party. On this day, an artificially intelligent robot called the Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System (or GLaDOS, for short) was activated. Upon being activated, GLaDOS goes berserk, attempting to kill everyone in the facility. This forces the scientists to have to hit GLaDOS' kill switch. This must have been an extremely scary experience for an eight-year-old girl. Possibly in an attempt to conquer her fear, Chell returned to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, and volunteered to become an Aperture Science research volunteer (a test subject). She is rejected because of her extreme tenacity. GLaDOS is activated again, this time on a day called Bring Your Cat to Work Day. GLaDOS has a huge amount of neurotoxin to use, as she pretended that she wanted to attempt to see whether the Schrodinger's Cat theory worked on a non-subatomic level. She threatens to kill everyone if they don't become test subjects. GLaDOS sees Chell was previously rejected by scientists, so does not test her. However, a scientist called Doug Rattmann (who is not a test subject, but somehow survived the neurotoxin outbreak) sees how tenacious Chell is, making her perfect to kill GLaDOS, and hacks into the Test Subject Order file, making Chell the next person to be tested. The events of Portal are what happened to Chell next...

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